The iconic Wanneroo Botanic Gardens has been a must visit in Perth’s northern suburbs since 1981.

Enjoy a meal at the onsite restaurant Leapfrogs or experience the Gardens as you play 36 holes of Mini Golf. A kaleidoscope of colours, sights and sounds that will overwhelm your senses. Walk amongst the dappled shade of tall trees as you explore the flower displays, rockeries and waterfalls.

The 18-hole Garden course and the 18-hole Billiard Golf course combine to create Australia’s largest outdoor Mini Golf complex. Terrific fun for the whole family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wanneroo Botanic Gardens is a privately owned venue; it is not a public garden.


Access to the gardens is exclusively for mini golf players, Guests dining at Leapfrogs or Guests attending a wedding. Therefore, a sightseeing/spectator fee is applicable for all other persons.


To ensure Guest safety an adult must accompany children at all times.

Wanneroo Botanic Gardens is a privately owned venue; it is not a public garden. To ensure that damage and litter is minimised throughout the property the owners have determined that any form of picnicking is prohibited.


Additionally, there is a licensed restaurant onsite. Please visit Leapfrogs for reservations or information about hosting a function.


School and vacation care (out of school care) groups are encouraged to speak with our Booking Coordinator as areas for lunch and recess can be made available.

Yes, of course.


For more information on Group Bookings and Birthday Parties click here. Or to find out about the amazing functions you could host with our partners Leapfrogs click here.

Wanneroo Botanic Gardens is a privately owned venue; the property owners have determined that to ensure the gardens are protected and Guests are safe, no pets are permitted.


The gardens are home to fish, frogs, birds, lizards, and chickens and therefore, not a place for dogs or cats. Guests dining at Leapfrogs have previously been able to sit in the alfresco area at the front of the venue with their pet while they enjoy a meal or light refreshment. However, Leapfrogs is a separate business and this is at their discretion.

As you may expect, it is our policy that each player must carry their own club and ball, therefore each player must pay admission.


If you do not wish to play, a spectator/sightseeing admission is available.


Note, to ensure Guest safety an adult must accompany children under the age of 12 at all times.

While our Team is not able to predict or guarantee how busy the venue will be on any given day as you might imagine, there are less Guests should the weather predictions be for rain or extreme heat.


Our venue is sometimes busy during school holidays and weekends from 11am-2pm. If you are planning a visit during our Magic of Christmas event we have historically been busy from 7pm-8pm.

Thank you for making a booking in advance, by doing so you have ensured that you would have access to our facility. On occasion we reach capacity, however, we will always keep clubs and balls aside for our priority Guests. Unlike a golf course, there are no tee off times, Guests play as they arrive

Without any wait times, 18 holes may take 45 minutes only.


It is difficult to predict the wait times, as it is often determined by the skill level of each player ahead of you, and the time at which you have visited, however, it can be up to a 10 minute wait per hole on a busy day.

Your entry today includes access to both the Billiard Golf course and the 18 hole Garden course. You are more than welcome to play both courses at the time of your visit, however, you are not able to return and play again on another day.

Reserved parking is available near the admissions kiosk for Guests who display a Disability Parking Permit. Spaces are clearly marked with the International Disabilities Symbol.

Guests with a Companion Card are entitled to 1 complimentary admission for their companion. Guests who produce a Carer’s Card (or similar) will be entitled to a discounted admission. Guests with any special needs should visit admissions kiosk on arrival and our friendly Team will provide assistance planning their day.

Short answer… The ball. Glow Golf, is the same game, the same club, and the same course as Mini Golf… BUT played with a super-cool, light-up, LED golf ball. The gardens are awesome to explore at night time, and there are a number of wonderful light features to check out year-round. As soon as the sun goes down Glow Golf is very much encouraged, but Guests are welcome to play Mini Golf (with a traditional golf ball) or Glow Golf (with a light-up golf ball) at any time during or opening hours. For even more Glow Golf fun, pick up a GLOW show bag before you play.

We don’t get this question too ‘frequently,’ but to ensure all Guests are aware of our Conditions of Entry and Terms and Conditions associated with our admissions, it is certainly worthwhile answering this for you. No, we do not offer refunds. We do understand that on occasions the mini golf course can be busy, and in the event the wait times are extreme, we may offer Guests an opportunity to return on an alternate date. Covid, flat tyres, rain and friends you have a falling out with… We understand that things can go wrong, and sometimes Guests are not able to visit within the 3 month expiry period. If you need assistance, our Team are able to extend the expiry period, within reason, for an additional 3 months. We encourage requests to be made by email.



No outside food, drink or alcohol may be brought into these premises; Esky’s and picnicking are not permitted. By entering The Wanneroo Botanic Garden premises you agree to abide by the conditions of entry, these can be viewed at the link below or at the Mini Golf kiosk.