Can I have my money back please?

We do not offer refunds. We understand that on occasions the mini golf course can be busy, and in the event the wait times are extreme, we may offer Guests an opportunity to return on an alternate date. Covid, flat tires, rain, and other unforeseen issues can affect plans. If you need to update your [...]

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Guests with disabilities, medical conditions and injuries?

Our Garden Golf course is accessible to Guests in wheelchairs. However, please note that the style of the track is based on the European design from 1981. A round rail runs around each track, which can make access and movement on the track challenging for wheelchairs, especially when putting. The Billiard Golf course [...]

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Will the mini golf be busy today?

We cannot predict or guarantee how busy the venue will be. Typically, the venue is less crowded during rain or extreme heat. It can be busy during school holidays and weekends from 11am-2pm, and during our Magic of Christmas event from 7pm-8pm.

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